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  1. Nice article. I helped me a lot. Do you have a offline solution for the built-in Windows apps? When using this task sequence with an, for example, english operating system. The app, like calculator, appear in english. They should appear in the localized language.
  2. I've contacted Microsoft support 3 weeks ago. They said because I used the Fast Ring option they do will not fix this issue. But the options they gave me helped me find a way to finally update my Site Server. I did the following: Delete the update records from the SQL Database: - DELETE FROM CM_UpdatePackages WHERE PackageGuid='239E18DA-5872-47BF-93C5-9531A744C6F3' - DELETE FROM CM_UpdatePackages WHERE PackageGuid='DBEF803D-D936-46B3-88FE-A5BDD7A03168' 239E18DA-5872-47BF-93C5-9531A744C6F3 is the guid of hotfix KB4018732 DBEF803D-D936-46B3-88FE-A5BDD7A03168 is the guid of hotfix KB4019926 Go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\EasySetupPayload and delete inside folders Restart SMS_EXECUTICE server Check for Updates from Console. Ussually it takes about 10 minutes. Don't click on Download Updates!!! When the Updates appear, you should go to the properties of the Service Connection Point Role and change it to offline Then use the service connection tool https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/servers/manage/use-the-service-connection-tool to download the update files It will download several CAB files. You need to extract the files from 239E18DA-5872-47BF-93C5-9531A744C6F3.cab or DBEF803D-D936-46B3-88FE-A5BDD7A03168.cab to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\EasySetupPayload. They need to be extracted in a subfolder with the GUID name. After you got the files in place, you can turn back the properties of the Service Connection Point Role to online. Now you can try to install the hotfix again. On my Site Server these steps result in installing the hotfix. I think it is not supported by Microsoft, but it worked for me. Hope this helps.
  3. I've got the same issue here. Restart of the SMS_EXECUTIVE service or the whole site server doesn't solve the problem. Anyone got an idea?
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