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  1. I emailed the MS deployment team blog and was helped by Tim Mintner. The problem was a leftover minint folder; after deleting the folder, the deployment worked. No drivers needed to be added to the boot image; I had tried the monolithic Broadcom drivers to no avail.
  2. The BIOS and RAID updates didn't fix it. If you press F8 at the solution accelerators screen, a command prompt window appears and the reboot doesn't occur. The hard drive and network are accessible so the builtin drivers are working. Dave
  3. I'm experiencing the same issue on a M610; I'm running MDT 2010 but not SMS. I was able to install 2008 R2 from the DVD so it should have all of the necessary drivers. One possible solution is a BIOS update; the latest version supports 2008 R2. Dave
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