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  1. +1 host SQL on the primary, you're in for a load of headaches hosting it remotely, stick to the idea that you need to reduce points of failure. as if you need a +1 when anyweb comments (you shouldn't!)
  2. anyone? FYI we're running server 2012 r2 and sql enterprise 2012 - all patched
  3. Hey, Need some quick help please guys, I'm doing a 1606 to 1702 in console upgrade that has failed on me. Error code 0x87D20b15 I had some issues initially when the nt authority\system account was called to access the sql db, which I resolved, however I can't seem to get past this error... Info Executing SQl server command <EXEC sp_RenewInvGroupViews> ERROR: Failed to renew inventory views and rbac functions Failed to Update database. Then later I get the error code noted in the title. Any ideas? I've hit a wall on this one.. I can post the whole CMUpdate.log up if you like, but there are no other errors
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