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  1. Hey Anyweb, sorry only just seeing this now. SCCM version 1810, MDT build 6.3.8456.1000. I don't have the F8 check box on any of my boot images, see attached image. I have tried to redistribute the image but no dice. Definitely the correct image as it includes the DaRT remote console and creates a shortcut on a network drive for automated viewing of remote machines prior to the WinPE password screen.
  2. Definitely loading the correct image, can see it at the loading files screen and also it has DaRT tools integrated which the default image does not.
  3. Hi, I have created a new WinPE boot image using the 'Create boot image using MDT' feature. When doing so, I left the 'Enable command support (F8)' checkbox at it's default position of Checked. I then mount this wim with DISM and copy over some files to allow for DaRT remote control integration pre WinPE password entry. However, I am unable to invoke the command prompt after importing the wim into my environment. Anyone seen this before?
  4. Aha! Mystery solved. I had made a small mistake with the IF statements for 'is upgrade allowed to run'. I had the last IF statement running as a child of the second. Removing this and putting it inline with top, IF..All, and my machine is now upgrading. Thanks for the pointer and for your time in responding. Doug
  5. Hi Niall, Thank you for your comments. I have attached the requested log here, but it looks like it has no errors and is passing the 0 exit code. The file Upgrade_Forced.txt exists in ProgramData with content 'Upgrade selected'. This is within a test VM that I have clicked on 'Upgrade now'. I think I will revert the snapshot back a day, before I made any attempts to upgrade and see if something in my testing has affected the behaviour. Many thanks, Doug Windows10RequiredUgradeWrapper.log EDIT: I reverted snapshot and tried again but suffer from the same problem as before...
  6. Hi Niall, This is such a great resource, thank you so much for the time and effort put into this. I am having an issue with the deployment of the upgrade. I previously had it working but after downloading the updated scripts and trying to deploy, the upgrade takes 5 seconds and reports to Software Center that it was successful. Looking through the attached SMSTS log, it looks like it is evaluating the 'Is upgrade allowed to run' initial step to be false, and therefore, it skips Upgrade the OS step because Upgrade_Forced variable is False. Trying to look through the log, I don't see why it is evaluating to False. C:\ProgramData\Upgrade_Forced.txt does exist, the system version is 14393 and c:\programdata\DO_NOT_UPGRADE.txt does not exist. Can you shed any light on this? Cheers Doug smsts.log
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