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  1. Hello, i am new on SCCM, i followed your instructions but TS failed with error: failed to run the action: incorrect function. (error: 00000001; source: windows)
  2. did you get the answer? i have the same problem
  3. I need help I'm new on SCCM. I need to rename a Hyper V virtual machine. i'm using this settings on customsetting.ini TS fails. task sequence error 0x80220005 when i use laptop or desktop works perfect but fails when deploying Hyper V VM [Settings] Priority=ByLaptop, ByDesktop, ByVM, Default Properties=MyCustomProperty [ByLaptop] subsection=Laptop-%IsLaptop% [Laptop-True] OSDComputerName=LT-%SerialNumber% MachineObjectOU=OU=Laptops,OU=USA,OU=Sites,DC=mydomain,DC=com [ByDesktop] subsection=Desktop-%IsDesktop% [Desktop-True] OSDComputerName=DT-%SerialNumber% MachineObjectOU=OU=Desktops,OU=USA,OU=Sites,DC=mydomain,DC=com [ByVM] subsection=VM-%IsVM% [VM-True] OSDComputerName=VM-#Right("%SerialNumber%",8)# MachineObjectOU=OU=Virtual_Machines,OU=USA,OU=Sites,DC=mydomain,DC=com I have tried also this : OSDComputerName=VM-#Right(Replace(Replace(oEnvironment.Item("SerialNumber")," ",""),"-",""),8)# [Default] OSInstall=Y SkipCapture=YES SkipAdminPassword=NO SkipProductKey=YES
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