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  1. replying to myself, I think I managed to fix the issue by rerunning that command on my CA: certutil -f -dspublish "E:\xxxx Root CA.crl" RootCA01 Now pkiview reports no errors
  2. Hi there, Unfortunately for me I didn't snapshot the environment and I have the exact same issue as Seigoa reported, I have made it through part 8 and all the check s are OK except for the CDP location on the Root CA. Please note the error is not on the Issuing ca but on the root ca The only difference in my lab is that I have used the name RootCA01 (instead of RootCA) The command to set the CDP location in chapter 4 is: certutil -setreg CA\CRLPublicationURLs "1:C:\Windows\system32\CertSrv\CertEnroll\%3%8%9.crl\n10:ldap:///CN=%7%8,CN=%2,CN=CDP,CN=Public Key Servic
  3. Thanks for the heads up I had Access Denied error too and a reboot fixed it
  4. Have you checked: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/configurationmgr/2015/03/23/configmgr-2012-support-tip-wsus-sync-fails-with-http-503-errors/
  5. I have Automatic Deployment rules for Patch Tuesday, SUG are created and deployed to a test (collection my laptop is member of it). I have set a maintenance window on the collection and even disabled business hours from the Software Center. UpdatesDeployment logs: The deadline is already reached but nothing happens Message received: '<?xml version='1.0' ?> <CIAssignmentMessage MessageType='EnforcementDeadline'> <AssignmentID>{a3beb978-eacf-4b44-a237-db63be768fcc}</AssignmentID> </CIAssignmentMessage>' UpdatesDeploymentAgent 23-Jul-18 1:51:42 PM 1030
  6. The collections are empty for me. I have changed the script to reflect my languages (see below) but they do not become members. If I query SMS_G_System_OPERATING_SYSTEM.OSLanguage i get : "English - United States" or "Japanese" but not the LocaleID Am I missing something? $Collection_1 = "SUM - Windows 10 x64 ($Windows10Version) French LP" $Collection_2 = "SUM - Windows 10 x64 ($Windows10Version) Japanese LP" $Collection_3 = "SUM - Windows 10 x64 ($Windows10Version) Chinese LP" $Collection_4 = "SUM - Windows 10 x64 ($Windows10Version) Spanish LP" $Collection_5 = "SU
  7. Hi, Any recommendation for OSes that have Language Packs? When we push feature update through WSUS, we have to reinstall the LP manually. Is servicing helping in any ways with this?
  8. Hi Niall, Nowhere in your scripts or instructions can I find when you change the SQL files location to point to the separate disks you created for temp and transaction logs. Can I just use the management studio when the install is completed to move the file location?
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