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  1. Hi Folks, I'm currently trying to create An Auto Pilot deployment when possible (headquarters) and I have couple of questions: 1) can I use the autopilot without extracting the Hardware Hash and importing with CSV file to intune ? 2) (if the answer to my first question was "NO"): I extracted and imported the hardware hash , the device is now on intune management console , how do I assign the device to Auto Pilot Profile ? do i need to create device dynamic group and assigned the auto pilot profile to that group ? 3) does it matter if my dell computer comes with build 1809 and I upgrade to 1903 and use white glove ? Many Thanks, Nave,
  2. hi all , I have about 70 distribution groups on my on premises domain controller. our domain is hybrid with azure AD and office 365 , is there any way to migrate those groups from the on premises to the Office 365 ? The groups are currently sync with the office 365 , but the problem I come across into is that to manage those groups I have to login to my own premises domain controller and I can't edit the members of the groups from the Office 365.
  3. hello folks, I worked in A small company , we have like 100 employees that all are under A group that called "all_employees" , I need to find A way to insert every employee domain user to his local administrator group on his own laptop. so I've been thinking about A GPO that can insert the group "all_employees" to the local "administrators" group on every laptop but the problem I come across (when I presented the idea to my team leader) is that every employee will have A full administrative rights to all the computers in the company. I need to have A way that every employee is just an administrator on his own local machine.
  4. Thank you so much !!! Yes I need to deploy windows 10 Pro , I'm aware to the install.esd file and already convert him to install.wim with the DISM.EXE tool. I have another question if you could answer please: I have read the the best practices is to the deployment share is to have it on other drive and not on the operating system drive but I already created my deployment share on the C:\ drive , should I reinstall or can I change the deployment share without reinstalling ?
  5. Hello Everyone, I need an answer to simple question , I'm in a process to implement MDT into my organization , in the organization we have dell latitude laptops that comes with OEM license , From my understanding the OEM license is stored on the bios of the computers. (correct me if I'm wrong) 1) Do I need to use the OEM task sequence in the MDT ? 2) How can I take the OEM license from the laptop bios and use it on the same laptop ? I just want to use the OEM license for the same laptop he comes with it , I know that this is possible but I'm not sure how to do it.
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