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  1. So I stood a newer virtual instance of SCCM a couple of years ago that replaced an older instance on hardware. I recently noticed that if I do a find site on a client the old site code will pop up but manually entering the new site code is fine. And on client settings have the new site code explicitly stated. I checked the reg and we are not using GP to assign the site code and what is there looks right. I then checked with ADSI Edit low and behold the old entries for the site code and the old server are there even though I could swear that they were removed. My question is I can just remove those older entries or should I do a deep DNS search to make sure that all the old references are gone and then delete. Thanks, Eric
  2. I have this suspicion that we used to use Flexera for 3rd party patching and removing it from the config server did something to the database.
  3. Almost the same as what you posted. The only difference is I don't have 16777253 on select * from CI_UpdateCategorySubscription´╗┐
  4. Did the resolution involve having a Microsoft support ticket because I'm having the exact same problem and I found the tables pictured and they look exactly the same. what was the resolution needed to resolve? I have reinstalled SUP and WSUS multiple times and I'm still getting only Upgrade classification but All Products. Thanks
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