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  1. Hello, Thank you for your response on this. I couldn't find a practical solution to this problem, so we have chosen to make an adjustment to our naming convention to allow us to query based on hostname. Cheers, Richard
  2. Hi Jesse, Thank you very much for your time and effort on this, it's really appreciated! In regards to a staging collection, I was wondering what your thoughts were on this? I'd like to find a solution which still allows me to hold one list of applications to install (collection variables), for each faculty. I'd rather not have two copies of the same list of software... I'm thinking of maybe creating a second task sequence which could run after OSD for "New" devices which performs the application installs... Cheers, Richard
  3. Hello, Thank you for your response. I should probably have explained this a little better. We have Device Collections for each faculty, each collection has a collection variable "SA" (Special App), 01, 02, 03 and so on. Each variable represents the name of an Application on SCCM. These collections query their membership based on Active Directory OU... so any new machines which aren't known on the network, can't be discovered in those collections. Cheers, Richard
  4. Hello. We currently have an OSD Task Sequence for deploying Windows 10 Enterprise 1709 to our client machines. This works quite well for existing PCs which are known to AD and SCCM. We have a mixed environment, where we have multiple departments which require their own set of applications. Again, this works well for existing machines. The issue in which I'm being faced with at the moment, is when we introduce new clients to the environment. Due to the design of SCCM with AD System Discovery, new devices are not discovered as there is no DNS entry for those devices. I have done the following - Pre-staged computer accounts on Active Directory. Created computer objects within SCCM with the Name and MAC address of the new devices. Added new objects to the OSD Device Collection for OSD. The problem here is that some Device Collections which have Collection Variables attached, rely on Active Directory OU membership rules. As these machines haven't yet been discovered as such, they don't become members of these collections until the OSD process has finished the installation of the ConfigMgr Client has completed. Once that has completed, the machines then fall into the correct collections, but the Install Applications step within the Task Sequence doesn't complete as the collection variables haven't yet been evaluated. I was wondering if anybody else here has experienced this and maybe have a solution/work around? Would there be any Powershell scripts which could be used to force a re-evaluation on collection variables prior to the Install Applications step? Cheers, Richard
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