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  1. We have some Dell Optiplex 7070 computers, and I'm trying to deploy a Windows 10 1909 image to them without changing the default bios configuration, which comes set to "Raid On" in Sata Operation. The default dell image works fine, so I'm not sure why ours does not. I'm imported all of the drivers that I could find for this model and intel storage in general. The task applies the OS and works in winPE fine, but after rebooting just gets a blue screen. How do I get this working? Thanks
  2. I know this is old but there are surprisingly few resources related to this task, which I would have thought would be very valuable in a replacement scenario. However, this script is kind of difficult to utilize for large numbers of computers. Instead, I think something that would copy collections from ALL source computers in the computer association list to all destination computers in the list would be a lot better for mass replacement scenarios. I don't suppose anyone has a starting point or any work related to a script that would copy collections from al
  3. Not sure how to even search for this, and trying to set up a computer association isn't doing anything (seriously seems to be limited strictly to user state data). And I need to be able to set this up for computer names that have yet to be created. Is there a way to quickly make computer objects with just a name and collection membership? When we deploy windows to the new machines, they all need different software installed and rely upon collection membership to provide the right packages. If this is not something that can be done, how do you all deal with a new batch
  4. Yes, my last post may have been cryptic, but I did get it to work without requiring any internet during the winPE phase. That includes a separate step for domain joining. I did not do an Upgrade TS, it is a full windows installation TS. Download did take forever, and the important part was to use the source switch on the apply windows settings step to tell configmgr to install from the pre-downloaded content. Anything that absolutely requires internet has to be disabled or placed after the winPE phase. Then in deployment options, it is set to download content ahead of
  5. Sorry to necro this, but is it still the case that you cannot use wildcards of any type inside a task sequence variable, dynamic or regular? edit: It appears ? and * can be used.
  6. I have an OSD with the self-contained EXE set to run in full OS. SCCM tells me that it worked, but it didn't. Once logged in, I can run the same program and it does indeed change bios settings. I know this is old, but it still seems relevant. I would like to use the self-contained for a couple reasons, anyone doing this? Edit: Spoke to a SCCM guy from Dell, why they have this tool is beyond me, since they never want you to use it the way that makes sense. I ended up just doing the cctk command lines. You don't need the hapi stuff (maybe in winPE you do), you don't nee
  7. Surely someone knew the answer. Oh well. Re-arranged a few parts of the task that had to be done online, and used the source switch in the configmgr install options to point to the package location. It works.
  8. It does work 100% in a LAN connected state. And I've done wifi OSD before, by tampering with WIMs etc. But I'm not trying to do that now. All I want is for it to stay offline during the winPE portion. It doesn't need to send status messages and other things at that point. It just needs to move on. Any ideas?
  9. I keep trying different ways to get this done only to find weird seemingly arbitrary roadblocks. Could still use some help. Where I'm at now is I can get to "Setup Windows and ConfigMgr". But despite everything being downloaded, it keeps trying to find a server, then fails. Are there some command line switches or something to make it just install configmgr from cached files, or otherwise get around the attempt to network during that step? thanks.
  10. Hi all, I'm new to SCCM (this is day 4), and I'm trying to get some laptops that are only connected with Wifi to run an OSD, including a domain join, all the way through. By having it cache the files locally, I've gotten pretty far. I used USMT to preserve a netsh wifi export xml file. Now, where I'm stuck is getting that xml imported as the first thing that happens after the first reboot, and I'm not sure how, because none of the steps in the TS are very descriptive in what all they are doing or when the reboot is happening. Now, I know I can make an image with the xml in the
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