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  1. i have sent you the message for Teamviewer
  2. Hello Naill, is the Webserver Yes i will IM you the team viewer details. What will be the convenient time for you to connect ?
  3. I configured Smoothwall But Still not able to browse pki.mydomain.com Not sure issue with Godaddy or my desktop
  4. i tried again but the IIS wedpage is showing when i browse my VYOS router IP 192.168.X.X when i browse my Public IP 27.x.x.x i get the Site is not reachable
  5. Hello Naill, I have set my public IP in GoDaddy. I have port forwarded in the Vyos router. When i ping pki.mydomain.com i get "request timed out" i am not able to browse thorugh my personal mobile to the pki.mydomain.com I have also tried firewall disabling.
  6. Hello Naill, Not working from me. So i have to drop this LAb creation and search for some alternative.Thanks
  7. Hello Naill, Its like this as in picture when i ping. It has IP address in the first line " Pinging pki.mydomain.com [27.XX.XX.XX] with 32 bytes of data:"
  8. you are not answering my question, if you ping your pki.yourdomain.com it should return the IP address you configured in godaddy, does it ? NO ITS NOT RETURNING THE IP. ITS RETURNING "REQUEST TIME OUT" and does that ip address also correspond to the internet ip address which www.whatismyipaddress.com revealed on the webserver ? NO
  9. In my PKI lab it is 192.168.3.X and my host IP is 27.X.X.X which is set for Godaddy also
  10. The Vyos firewall would be blocking or my host firewall ?
  11. I am getting request timed out.
  12. Hello Naill, I have added the IP as you mentioned. I am not able to ping nor browse from mobile/laptop/desktop. Any help ?
  13. Hello Naill, Thanks for the fast response. I have changed the IP as per your suggestion. kindly can you verify in the enclosed screenshot if this is right ?
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