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  1. Can I use this printer.xml with /config parameter with scanstate. like scanstate /config:printer.xml /i:miguser.xml \\myshare\myfolder /nocompress
  2. Hi, I have a data base with only table which has two columns - 1. Department name 2. Serial number. Department name consists of the department name and seria number column consists of the serial number of the machine of particular department. I want to add a script in task sequence of SCCM which will get the serial number of the machine during OS deployment and after getting the serial number it will check the database for the serial number and if the serial number founds in the DB then it will pick the Department name of the computer and assign the computer name in following format : DepartmentName+Serial number, for example - Accounts0987654 How to achieve this. Any help would be appreciated. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks Chandan
  3. HI, I have a requirement. I have a separate department which has a separate network and that department is connected with main Domain controller and SCCM with a very low bandwidth connection. The low bandwidth connection is not able to handle the sccm traffic. SO i have created the task sequence stand-alone media and selected USB for deploying the machines in the separate department. The low bandwidth connection is now used for domain join only. But the new requirement is that we dont want to use USB to deploy the OS. We want to setup a separate WDS server for this department which will deploy the OS. Here my question is that how i can use all the SCCM stuff in a WDS server including the software packages, answerfiles and all other stuffs. Right now i am able to add only boot file and WIndows image file. Any help would be appreciated. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks Chandan
  4. I have a SCCM server as primary site. It has some XP clients. SCCM client agents successfully installed in the XP machines. I have added some applications for software distribution. When i am distributing any package through software distribution, the package ID folder gets created in client's system32\ccm\cache folder. Also sometimes the message came that an assigned program is about to run but the content of the folder does not get copies in system32\ccm\cache folder and also it does not get installed.. What could be the issue? BITS installed on the DP. Also i have added .exe in the applicationhost.config file. Following are the errrors in the CAS.log : Getlogonuseridfailed at GetTokenId 0x8007045b EnumInstances on wmi LocationContentRequest failed My another DP is on XP machine, and the files are not getting copied on that DP also, when i am updating the DPs from SCCM admin console.
  5. Hi I am facing a problem with Med-V 2.0 RC deployment with SCCM. A windows update is a pre-requisite for Med-V host agent installation. Its and update for virtual PC which installs after Windows XP mode. Following is the sequence of my TS : - Install Windows XP mode - Install VPC Update -Install Med-V host agent - Install Med-V workspace XP mode is installing , but the TS sequence is failing with error code 0x00000032 during VPC update installation. Can any one tell me how to install a specific windows update during OSD with SCCM. I have to install the med-v with OSD not with the software distribution, however its working fine with s/w dist. Thanks Chandan Omkar
  6. Thanks Niall and Peter for your support. After checking the Restore local user profiles in the Restore User Files and Settings , the user files migrated successfully from XP to Win7, however wallpaper was not migrated. Can you please explain why the wall paper was not migrated? Thanks
  7. i have used the one which was for hardlinking. Also i have added the auto login. Now i have used the same TS which was posted by Niall but the user state again does not get restored. I am attaching the TS and the log files. Please check. smsts.log TS-Xpto7-Hardlink.xml
  8. I have used the same TS XML file for hardlink which is provided by Windows Noob by Niall. in the following link : http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1633-sample-xp-to-windows-7-task-sequences/ Also Niall has specified to add /harlink / nocompress in the following link : http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/configmgrosd/thread/1908f07d-5b60-4691-8e57-efa9087cdac2 please help i am so confused and i have a tight dead line too.
  9. During my XP to win 7 upgrade the following is happenning : User state captured wim file applied user state restore process finished i have logged in but the user state was not restored. I am attaching the log file. I have used hardlinking as well as SMP but in either case it was not restored. smsts.log
  10. I was facing the problem that the TS was not starting in the client machine. Once it has started and then i have got the above attached log files, but the after few seconds TS failed with error 0x8004005. Now again the TS is not executing in the client machine. I am attaching the client's smsts.log file. smsts.log
  11. Thanks for the reply. I am attaching the log files. scanstate.log scanstateprogress.log
  12. Hi, I am working with SCCM 2007 and currently i am working on XP to Win7 upgrade and replace scenario. In this task i am facing a problem regarding the TS. The TS is not getting executed in the client machines. Everything is working fine in SCCM, like installing of fresh win 7 through OSD, software distribution. The problem is that the USMT process does not start on client. Do i need to add any program in the created USMT package. What are the possible causes for this? My task consists of the following : capture the user state applying the captured Win7 image on the pc restoring the user state also the application settings should get restore [e.g. outlook and its rules also] Thanks Chandan Omkar
  13. Hi Niall, Have you checked the log.
  14. Thanks Niall for your reply. Please find the attached smsts.log file from the client. Thanks Chandan smsts.log
  15. I have started working with SCCM. I am facing a problem. After Starting the Task Sequence (Windows is Starting up) the screen shot is mentioned below, the system gets restarted. It is not moving to formatting disk, as per mentioned in this site. Hey Niall Please help.
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