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  1. cheers I managed to get that in the end... what package did you use for the restore part of the task sequence ?? my fails..what have I missed?? thanks again...
  2. Thanks Niall really appreciate your help.... last one I promise my TS fails on the last step Restore user files and settings with error code 0x8007001c so for this step I used the x86 USMT package it failed also tried the complete USMT package and this still failed... although the win7 image is applied and everything else seems good.. USMT folder is there.... but just not completing the restore ....
  3. so I just want to confirm I have the TS setup correctly xcopy USMT I am using package for the x86 folder in USMT xcopy runscanstate I am using the batch file package run i am using the batch file package (maybe I am wrong here?) Restore user files and settings I am using the complete USMT package (not just x86) so it seemed to be working up until the run part of the TS then failed but when I reeboot and go into the image that was all ready on the pc (XP) I can see it has created the folders but hasnt copied the usmt stuff or the batch file but has copied the entire dp smspkg folder... am I being a dougnut??? what have I missed!! :-) please help .... thanks again in advance....
  4. also I have some really crazy stuff happening ..like the xcopy stuff is copying all packages from my DP to the to the USMTbits folder.. what have I done wrong :-( I have checked the task sequence and it seems as per the download...? please help... thanks frank
  5. Guys great work by the way!! although my TS fails on the Run (group) do X86 scanstate part... which sccm package should I be using at this part? thanks in advance :-)
  6. hey Guys, firstly just want to thanks!!! great site for SCCCM stuff.... has anyone cracked this yet as I have this same issue with answer file with windows 7.. it doesn't set regioanl settings etc and normally the TS fails if I set this in the task sequence.... unnatend.xml
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