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  1. Hi got the same problem here, SCCM 2007 R2, MDT2010 integration, deploying Win7 x64. setting the Reg Add to add the AutoAdminLogon to "1" , the PC dos not logon automaticly and if i check the registry, the key is set to "0" and now for the funny part, if i test this in my " Test environment" , it works perfectly, bud in " production" the key is set to "0" is there a explenation for this behavior, or even better....a sollution?, getting desperate here.... :-) Thanks
  2. What i miss in al these steps is a wipe from the directorys that are not needed (windows,program files, users...etc)if you look at the logfiles in MDT 2010 with USMT hardlink scan, you see that the directorys get wiped from the disk instead of a format. can somebody explain this to me, i would like to use Offline USMT in a XP deploymend (XP to XP) and got eveything working bud i doubt that the directorys get wiped
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