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  1. We have 24 sites and I'm having an issue with just one and I'm not sure what else to look at. I've tested in vmware and hardware. The task sequence applies the wim file and then hangs for a bit, then comes up with an error 0x80070002. The smsts.log time never changes and the event is not recorded and the stamp date on the log does not change. Once you reboot you get a vanilla windows 7 installation. I have also redistributed the os image to the site and it's in the smspkgz$ directory.
  2. I did this a little differently as the command line did not work for me. I created a cmd line in the task sequence. Remember to change RTP00819 to whatever the package id is. I'm sure there is an easier way but I have been working on this thing for a while and needed to put it to bed. the command line was xcopy /s /e /i \RTP00819 C:\Drivers\RTP00819\ I checked Package and selected the KB2509007 - Advanced client hotfix. I do not think it matters what package you select to be honest. My Setup Windows and ConfigMgr task looks as follows SMSCACHESIZE=8000 SMSSLP=yoursccmserver.company.com SMSMP=yoursccmserver.company.com FSP=yoursccmserver.company.com PATCH="C:\Drivers\RTP00819\sccm2007ac-sp2-kb2509007-x86-icp2.msp" hope this helps.
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    Deploy Windows 7

    The instructions provided have worked wonderfly. The only question I have is how to you go about building and capturing the 100m partition required by bitlocker?
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