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  1. Thanks for your replay i did already install using ccmsetup.exe SMSSITECODE=S01 /MP:02-SCCM DNSSUFFIX=HanyLab.Local INSTALL=ALL the CCM agent get installed and FEP agent Also after i configured auto approval for Clients but FEP still can't get the updates form CCM how ever the updates listed in CCM software center in client side (and already installed in Domain Machines) i've attached client logs (ClientAgent, UpdateHandler, WUAHandler) any advice PolicyAgent.log UpdatesHandler.log WUAHandler.log
  2. Hello, i've SCCM 2012 SP1 and i need to deploy FEP and manage FEP on workgroup machine. i'm Manually installed SCCM agent by using "CCMsetup.exe smsSiteCode=S01 DNSsuffix=DomainLab.Local" the client appear on SCCM devices but FEP not automatic install with CCM agent on client side. any easy way to install CCM agent and FEP at the same time? other hand i need FEP to get updates first from SCCM if can't then going to internet so if i export FEP policy from CCM and installed FEP using the "SCEPInstall.exe /policy C:\scep\EP_defaultpolicy.xml" after editing policy doing it ? or any su
  3. thanks for your replaying i successfully distribute content and client already placed in Boundary i think the issue in Task sequence , how i can trace it or even test it's config. Thanks
  4. Hi , i followed this post http://www.windows-n...dows-7-x64-sp1/ and during boot from VM i got this error please advice thanks
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