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  1. did you ever solve the problem, i have the same issue here :-|
  2. Hi, i have a client workstation that is encrypted using bitlocker. Suppose i send a WOL package to wake up this client and let it try to boot into PXE. While there is no OSD assignment the PXE server normally replies with "boot to next device in order". However because the client is bitlockered the booting OS is displaying a warning that the client is not booting in a normal way and that on site presence is nessecary to hit the enter key to proceed the boot process. The warning will not show up when the client first will reboot instead of trying to boot to next device. So my question is: Is it possible to configure the WDS/PXE server (or boot image) to let a client reboot instead of "boot to next device in order" when no assignment is available? regards
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