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  1. Hi. What is the best solution to scan the computers to find which doesnt't have antivirus software? I know that in windows security center must be some information stored about this. The problem is how to check/scan it. Tnx
  2. No upgrade from beta will be supported in production.
  3. Hi. How will you deploy new Windows 7 with SP1? Will you create new images with SP1 or include SP1 in the task sequence?..or something else..
  4. Hi. Has anyone deployed OpenOffice with SCCM? I made a .bat script and it workes when i run it manual, but when deployed with sccm it doesn't start on remote computer.
  5. I tried both boot files. From 32bit and 64bit DVD.
  6. Hi. I'm trying to add boot image to wds. Server is 2003 and i want to deploy windows 7. The win boot image is from windows 7 dvd. The problem is on the picture.
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