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  1. AHAAAAA damn this is rediculous but apparently the issue is because the system is known and in its other collection memberships other than OSD collection it has updates and applications available. as per this: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/da/configmanagerosd/thread/7e597b44-2586-4063-b6d0-cec48a7c11c7 even though these are not related to the OSD task sequence and would be intended to run post OSD on the final full windows install the boot image queries available deployments for the system and because of the quantity/size of the available items it fails i will now be looking at whether specifying OS type or other requirements for install will allow the distribution of automatic updates and applications or whether it will be a case of removing all other collection memberships in order to reload a system.
  2. Hi, just wondering if you found what was causing the issue for you? i have rebuilt a number of different task sequences and removed all unnecesary steps such as windows update installation and still getting the same error. it does seem to have co-incided with the installation of MDT 2012 as a deploy sequence that mostly worked before now has the 0x8007000e failure also
  3. sorted it apparently i had spannered up my CA and CRL configuration, in particular CRL and chain as i had updated the rootca cert but not updated the subca, fouled up the ocsp config etc sorted certificates, templates, revoked a bunch and re-issued all the configmgr certs and client certs and bam it works
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