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  1. Hi, I try to distribute a start script via tasksequence. It works great, all pcs run daily the startscript. but there is one thing, that is very annoying: on each client there comes a popup with the "program countdown status" that counts down and the users can choose between running now and hiding the popup. How can I define a totally stealth tasksequence that runs a script without letting the user know, that something happened? Thanks in advance. Markus
  2. Hi there i have problems with the distribution of the SSMS 2008 R2 via SCCM First of all. I'm not talking about SQL Express or the Express Management Studio. I'm talking about the SQL Server 2008 Enterprise DVD (R2). I copied the entire DVD to the Network share, that can be accessed by the sccm. then I created a package with the programm "installation" with the following parameter: "setup.exe /QS /IACCEPTSQLSERVERLICENSETERMS /ACTION=install /FEATURES=SSMS,ADV_SSMS /HIDECONSOLE" (source: www.appdeploy.com) Then I advertised it and made it not mandatory, so I can start the installation process from within "run advertised programs" problem: setup starts but exits after 15 seconds with status failed. I can't find anything in any logfiles, exept in smscliui: Who has distributed SSMS successful with SCCM and can give me a hint? thanks Markus
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