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  1. okay, after days, i had it again this morning. Yesterday I just pressed the "off button" and put it into the cupboard. Powered it on today at 9:50 and got Windows Time 7:34 Date 23.03.2015. The time and date in Win PE showed the correct. very strange :/
  2. No, not yet, but might to do so if i cant find a way to see where it's coming from and wanted to see if i can solve it myself first. The low battery should not be the issue as the November FW update supposedly solves this issue: "Surface Pro UEFI update (v3.11.350.0) enhances the system stability, optimizes the boot time with fast boot enabled, and resolves date and time accuracy when the battery level falls below 3%. Also addresses compatibility with McAfee Defense Encryption 7.1.1." Also if it were to fallback to normal System creation time it should be always the same and not in furture or past (which is definitley not when it was manufactured). Cheres, Chris
  3. I will check this the next time. The time is always randomly off, sometimes hours, sometimes days, sometimes months. Only way to fix it is usually manually changing the time back to the original.
  4. There is no CMOS battery anymore as far as i know. And that would be very suprinsg to have that issue on 3 devices same time.
  5. This issue occurs after installation is done, in normal use The deployment works like a charm with PXE or USB Boot. I have been using a normal Surface Pro3 - not domjoined - it has never had this issue. However with my 3 test devices now, i get it on all three. I assume it is no SCCM issue but something else, but i dont know what, normal timeserver policy runnning for all our other Systems without issues just the surfaces with the random offset... Also afaik there is no "BIOS-Time" anymore at least I don't know how I should access it the normal volume button down + power only gets me into the quite limited system menu. Thanks in advance, Chris
  6. hey, is somebody else experiencing issues with the internal clock? And I am not talking about the 3% bug. I have newest Firmware and all patches and occasionally when in standby it sets the clock/date off, sometimes days, sometimes months. This is not solveable through a reboot.
  7. Hey, i have sort of a very strange problem, maybe someone is able to help me or at least tip me into the right direction on what i am doing wrong. We are running a SCCM2012 R2 CU3 environment. We deploy our Software and OS with it since Win7 without any issues. Now with Tablets emerging we obviously want to do the same here. This is what we do (for Win7 and Win8.1 seperate TS): Build and capture refrence image with a reference task sequence on a VM Apply Image from the original media from MVLS remove some preloaded apps junk install our corporate Software (Office, Reader, etc. ...) apply all Windows Updates from our WSUS (not SCUP) (ZTI script from MDT Tool) sysprep & capture the image distribute the Image and deploy through a different TS to our Systems Now here is the Point, if i now deply the Win8.1 reference image to a machine (SurfaceP3 or VM) and go to Windows updates it will request you to install Windows updates again, even though they already seem to be installed from the reference sequence. I also tried using the Offline Serviceing through a SCUP, that successfully applied the WU and also stated in the console, but when deploy the Image Windows updates also prompt me to install all updates even already installed. I also checked the eventvwr during the reference TS, it shows the Office Updates as installed successful and also Windows Updates as successful after a reboot has been done / what the script and the TS does anyways. I can also see the WIM file got quite bigger since the updates have been included (9+GB) What am i doing wrong. Why has this worked before for Win7 like a charm? Where can i check what's going wrong? Any help is appreciated!
  8. I removed the TS step and added it again with the same now it works... # Yes its a Pro3. Anythoughts on the other questions? I mean this should also be applying to the Ethernet Adapter?! SCCM does tag the Object with the MACAdress right, so how does it work if i want to deploy multiple surface machines through one adapter/Docking Station, do you have any clue about that? Thanks & BR, Chris
  9. hey, can i use the dock for imaging more than 1 device or will it make problems because of the MAC of the Dock beeing used? Also other question I used the WMI filter you posted above with "SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Model Like "%Surface Pro 3%" it bypasses the step, becuase condition was evaluated to be false, may it be that you need to swith that to "Surface with windows 8 Pro" ?
  10. Hello All, i have a strange issue, i have a Secondary Site 2007 which i want to reassign to my new sccm 2012 infrastructure. I have already migrated 17 off my 28 Secondary Sites to DP only. I have been using the method with SCCM builtin migration task -> Shared DP's. So once i run the DataGather Task the migmctrl.log shows me the following: Rest runs through also without problems. So far okay. Now i want to Reassign the Shared DP but it does not show up in the list. Also when i click on the Gather Job -> Shared Distribution Points the it also shows me the Site System as NOT eligible. Restarted console, redid gather job, but this site just wont do it. The Site has the same features and roles installed (Secondary Site MP & DP) as the other 17 i already successful migrated. I am lost, can somebody help me?! Thanks in advance & BR, Chris
  11. i have identified the troublemaker .. it is comming from my customized IE9 installation, however i did not change much there... so i dont know why it stresses out there. It seems to have something to do with the exceeding limit of 260 chars for the filenames of the cookies.
  12. Hey guys, i am starting to get very angry on that problem. I have a W7 image I want to build. Therefore i am using the standard Build & Capture Task sequence provided by MS SCCM (SP2 R3). It goes through the enterprise installaiton of w7 and all the software just fine, syspres and captures. All without obvious problems. Computer Stays in Workgroup local admin enabled with certain password. Now here it goes. If i take that image and deploy it, the deployment works just without problems. However as soon as it is finished and i want to logon to the system it gives me following Error: "The user Profile Service service failed the logon. User Profile can not be loaded." (See attached). This also happens if i try to logon at the reference machine, meaing it can be no settings from our IT enviroment. I have already disable anything additional, so pure OS install and capture without a unattend.xml. But it was no good sofar. Please i would be very happy if some1 could drop me a hint hor can help me on that issue. Thanks very much in advance already!! Cheers
  13. i have reformated the USB stick with the Windows7 USB tool and just used this USB again, so the MDT did something to how the USB is used ofr formated ... i dk, but now it works again. cheers
  14. Hello, i have a strange issue: Using SCCM2007 R3 on a 2008R2, and running console on a XP SP3. Now i have been creating Bootable USB over Create Task Sequence Media to test the OSD TS. Now after i applied the MDT2010UPD1 to the SCCM server - as stated in the MS documentation from MDT - when i create the USB stick on my computer over the console it shows no error, but when i start the target test machine and want to boot form usb it comes up with "Error loading operating system". Nothing more, what can i do, what can be the cause for that? Any help would be appriciated. Thank you! Cheers, Chris
  15. Great Guide, will there be a Guide for seperate LPs also, or can it be considered the same as witht the office 2007 language packs?
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