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Found 5 results

  1. Has anyone run into a problem where the config mgr client stays stuck in provisioning mode after the TS completes? I currently have a couple scripts that force it out of this mode during the TS, but it causes the windows updates to fail to install at the end of the TS. If i take the scripts off, Windows Updates install, but then the client stays in provisioning mode and doesnt register with the CM.
  2. Hi All, We are beginning to use SCCM to redeploy images to computer labs. Since these computers are known and we want to keep their current network settings and names we are doing the OSD via the Configuration Manager client. After these computers image, some work fine, but others have trouble with their configuration manager client recognizing the PKI and add only one or two actions in the config manager client (viewed through control panel). We use PKI and I am guessing that the SCCM client is having issues since the computers are named the same, but have different GUIDs once they have been re-imaged? If all computers had this issue, we would know where to go, but since it is only some computers I am posting here to see if anyone has any ideas. Or maybe it is not a good idea to do OSD via configuration manager? IDK, looking for thoughts on this. Thanks.
  3. Hi, From past two days Configuartion Manager Client Package is in progress. I ahd tried to redistribute and validate that but still it is progess from past two days. This issue is with secondary sites only. I had tried all tried http://dbgriffin.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/configuration-manager-2012-failed-to-start-dp-health-monitoring-task/ and also http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/11df0f63-d146-434d-91f3-c4e826fee92c/redistribute-configuration-manager-client-upgrade-package-xxx00003 Please find attached log files of dist and pkgxfer. Please help me due to this image deployment is stopped becuase EP100003 package not available and it failed with task sequence. distmgr.log PkgXferMgr.log
  4. Quick question about creating a Configuration Manager Client Upgrade Package. If we do not do this step and we assign our OSD TS ust the Configuration Manager Client package that comes default is the normal results what I am seeing? OSD Task completes successfully then I notice that the client is unintsalled withing the OS and reinstalled once the client checks in? So, in theory if I just create a Configuration Manager Client Upgrade Package this extra process at the end will not take place? Thanks, Kris
  5. <![LOG[Found remote location 'LOG]!><time=%2211:15:21.836-480"]http://SCCM2012.sc.c...:15:21.836-480" date="09-17-2012" component="ccmsetup" context="" type="0" thread="3304" file="util.cpp:2411"> <![LOG[PROPFIND 'LOG]!><time=%2211:15:21.837-480"]http://SCCM2012.sc.c...:15:21.837-480" date="09-17-2012" component="ccmsetup" context="" type="1" thread="3304" file="httphelper.cpp:802"> <![LOG[Got 401 challenge Retrying with Windows Auth...]LOG]!><time="11:15:21.936-480" date="09-17-2012" component="ccmsetup" context="" type="1" thread="3304" file="httphelper.cpp:1283"> <![LOG[PROPFIND 'LOG]!><time=%2211:15:21.937-480"]http://SCCM2012.sc.c...:15:21.937-480" date="09-17-2012" component="ccmsetup" context="" type="1" thread="3304" file="httphelper.cpp:802"> <![LOG[Failed to correctly receive a WEBDAV HTTP request.. (StatusCode at WinHttpQueryHeaders: 401)]LOG]!><time="11:15:21.950-480" date="09-17-2012" component="ccmsetup" context="" type="3" thread="3304" file="httphelper.cpp:1365"> <![LOG[Failed to check url http://SCCM2012.sc.c...MSPKG$/00100003. Error 0x80004005]LOG]!><time="11:15:21.952-480" date="09-17-2012" component="ccmsetup" context="" type="3" thread="3304" file="httphelper.cpp:1592">
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