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SCCM createTSmedia fails error 800b0108 - cert issue ?

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Hi All, Been a while !!


I have a production SCCM system in place, and seem to have inherited sole responsibility for all sccm matters. this is fine, however recently I was asked to create some standalone media, which again in itself is an easy task.


Upon trying to create this, via the gui method I get a dialog saying:


creation failed "a certificate is missing or has an empty value for an important field, such as subject or issuer name."


I set the sccm sp1 environment up to be mixed mode, i.e. http


I am not aware of making any chages relating to certificates so I am a bit stumpted as to what is causing this. the environment the system is running does however have a PKI / CA sub CA - but I know very little about this....



I had a look at the createtsmedia.log : it also said the following:

could not find trusted root key for site XXX in wmi

failed to create media 0x800b0108, details="

createmedia finished with error code 800b0108



I have tested creation on all task sequences - all fail with this issue.

All task sequences work fine via pxe....


Anyone seen this before ?

Anyone know why I am getting this now, after 8 months with sccm 2012 sp1 working fine ?

Anyone know how to fix it !!!! or can direct me in to the area I should be looking at..


We have a very slack attitude to change at our organisation which doesn't help, so al;though the issue looks like sccm related it could well be pki, cert or some other infrastructure change that I am not aware of by colleagues.


Anyway - Any help or experience in this would be great and hopefully I can return the favour sometime

Once again thanks !!





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