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windows 7 unattended install with USB drive

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Hope someone can help. I need to find a way to image a pc with my custom image and answer file so that it will an unattended install from a bootable USB drive, that will prompt me for a computer name and then join my company's domain. The prompting of the computer name should be the only response from me. I should be able to plug in the USB drive, boot to it and have the imaging process begin. I currently use WDS and am able to accomplish this through PXE booting, but would like to have this capability for our offices that do not have a WDS server. I have tried applications like RT Seven Lite and Rufus for the USB drive portion but either I'm doing it wrong or they don't work the way I'd like them to.


Can anyone offer any solutions?


Thank you!

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what bad in WDS? you can deploy with WDS to any Office ? the office have connection (network) with WDS?

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