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I have a CMD-file that need to run prior installation of installing Office 2013.

This CMD-file will kill processes, uninstall LIP's and LYNC and so on. Then when finished the office 2013 will be installed.

However I have trouble of making a detection rule.

How do I detect the presence of this application when all it do is remove software?


Should I copy a "dummy"-file to let SCCM know its there? Other solutions?


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Personally, I have run into some issues in the past doing things like that. In particular, you have no way of knowing whether or not the script worked because you can't pull reports on something like that. If your only detection method is that the file copied, you can't be guaranteed that it runs.


In your case, since you are uninstalling software, I would recommend doing things a little differently. I would create an application for Lync (assuming you don't have one yet) and ensure that the detection method is fully functional. At that point, I would create a deployment to uninstall the software and assign that to whatever collection you are deploying Office 2013 to. Set this deployment to go out before the installation.


What that is going to get you is confirmation as to whether or not the application was uninstalled on all computers. It will give you actual metrics so you can measure what machines had an issue and what machines didn't.

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