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Volume Activation changes in Windows 7

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here's a Video explaining the changes in 7 relating to activation and it goes into some details about


* Your KMS host

* KMS keys

* MAK keys


In summary:


Windows 7 volume licensing customers have two options of licensing, KMS and MAK, by default, all customers will get a KMS key.


* you can activate Windows 7 using KMS as long as you have 25 machines (same as Vista requirements) however now that total can be made up of virtual machines as well as real machines

* you can activate using your existing KMS host as long as it has been patched with a patch for Windows 7 and the Windows 7 kms key added

* or you can setup a separate KMS host for activating Windows 7

*or you can use MAK keys (similar to retail keys except they can be used multiple times). MAK keys can be activated over the internet or via proxy (no internet) using the VAMT tool which is available on the new WAIK.


here's the full video > http://edge.technet.com/Media/Volume-Activ...s-in-Windows-7/


and for details about volume activation check here http://www.technet.com/volumeactivation

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