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WDS and custom XP images

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Hi, please can you help a noob.

We have added a Windows2008 server running WDS, and have been happily following your great tutorials... :)

But theres a point where it says make sure you've sysprepped the machine we want to image.

The link is broken.


We searched everywhere, and cannot find exactly what we need to do.


Our perfect XP machine, with software, customizations, etc is just waiting to be imaged....

My attempts so far either make the machine turn off, as per instructions, but of course i cant grab an image,

or it reboots and i have to go through various setup wizards to get back to where i was before!!!


so can anyone please tell me what i have to do to get my XP image ready for WDS to Capture it.



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hi, you just need to sysprep the image,


download the XP SP3 deploy.cab file and extract its' contents to a folder called sysprep. Then follow these instructions http://support.microsoft.com/kb/302577


Note: if you are trying to deploy XP SP2 then use this one instead.

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