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Good Morning,


Just have a performance question regarding the Create WIM step of Sysprep and Capture in MDT 2012.


WDS Server running Windows Server 2008 R2

MDT 2012


Here's how I perform my images:

1. Create a VM

2. Setup the VM how I want it (Windows Updates, application installations etc.)

3. Once I'm done, I power off the VM, and get a snapshot

4. Boot the VM back up, and go to \\WDSSHARE$\Scripts and run the LiteTouch script

5. Run the Sysprep and Capture for the MDT Task for Windows 8

6. Let it do its thing

7. Sits at Create WIM for about 10 minutes before the progress bar comes up. Said 2 hours 8 minutes

8. Now 14% in its at 2 hours 9 minutes


I recognize that using full images instead of scripted installs the capture is going to take longer because its going to be a bigger install file. Honestly I just haven't found using the unattended / scripted installations to be very reliable. Plus with newer laptops and desktops, the network drivers don't always work in MDT. They boot into WDS just fine but some systems even though the same drivers are setup in each, when I boot to MDT from WDS, the network drivers stop working. So creating full images in virtual machines where I'll never have this issue just seems more reliable.


If doing it this way means it just takes as long as it takes I'll deal with that. If there's a better way I'm open to suggestions. I just want to make sure I'm not making things harder on myself.


Thanks for your input!

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