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IE11 and enterprise mode patch at same time?


So, we're deploying IE11 to several small groups in anticipation of a larger deployment site-wide. We have Win7-x64 machines with IE8 exclusively. Our environment requires KB2929437 patch for "Enterprise Mode", which we have set up and configured already. The problem we're running into is that IE11 gets installed just fine during the maintenance window, but that's it. KB2929437 is approved for install, but won't install until IE11 is present (obviously). Since the clients do an update check and install once per maintenance window, we end up with clients that have IE11 but not KB2929437. Eventually KB2929437 will install (next evening it seems), but the user has already been with IE11 and broken EM sites for an entire day by that point.


Anyone else using enterprise mode with IE11 and have a solution for this? Can we force the machine to do more than one check for updates in a cycle, or what's the correct approach here?


I'm a little light on SCCM knowledge, this really is my first foray into it. I'm learning as I go here, so any helpful advice would be appreciated, or if you need more info about our setup I can accomodate. I've already found lots of good info lurking on the forums here, and hope now that I have an account registered I can contribute in some way when I get my feet under me with SCCM.


Thanks all!

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I normally deploy IE11 with the patch using a wrapped installation instead of using Software Updates, one reason beeing that you want to prompt the user that IE is about to upgrade and the patch itself.

I have used the PS App deployment toolkit a number of times. https://psappdeploytoolkit.codeplex.com/


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Could you please post the PS App Deployment Toolkit script you used to deploy IE 11 and the KB2929437 security update? I have to do that exact thing. I don't have Microsoft System Center so I think I'll have to deploy via Group Policy. Will the PS App Deployment Toolkit permit this?




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