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I have a weird issue that I cannot track down. In our environment we keep getting complaints from helpdesk and users that their fonts change after they are remote controlled. Sometimes this happens after the helpdesk disconnects and other when they initially connect to the user via sccm remote control. Most clients are on dual dell 24 inch or single 19in monitors. Mostly with Nvidia nvs300 video cards, but this has also happened with new lenovo desktops using dual built in display ports via onboard ports. What happens after or during a remote control session is that the user states that the fonts look "thin" or distorted. Something that is visibly noticeable when someone is connected.
Our environment is a citrix xenapp 6 farm for all applications so the desktop is essentially a terminal. We have seen this issue across several types of hardware and are still looking for the reason. The issue does not happen on every machine just sporadically. I used process explorer and see the memory usage on the nvidia video memory is a little high however I have not completely used and that varies from machine to machine. There is not notification to the IT person who is remote controlling the machine since they see the fonts normally. I think this has something to do with the scale to fit option that is turned on by default on sccm remote control, however I am not sure if that has something to do with this. Just wondering if anyone has seen this issue before

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