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Found 9 results

  1. I have problems with remote control. And I don’t understand why it’s working on some computers but others not. Under client settings I have enabled remote tools. The agent on the client the Remote tools agent enabled. The client with the problem: Service: Configuration Manager Remote Control is disabled. The local group: ConfigMgr Remote Control users are missing The windows firewall are missing this: If I enable and start the configuration Manager Remote Control service. I see this in the CmRCService: If I try to start the remote control from sccm I get th
  2. Hi I have SCCM 2016 with 1706, the latest version When I have added a new server or client, is always so that Remote Desktop grayed-out. I have set the Client Settings for Remote Control, Se below, How will I do to fix that , so the Client will install CCM to my new server or client ? // Sokoban
  3. I have an admin in one of our remote sites who only has access to his boundary. However, he needs access to several specialized systems in a different location's boundary. I have given him access to the collection I created for those specific PC's, but I imagine the limitation here is the boundary setup. Is there any way around this? I would prefer not to give users at this level any higher access than what I've already customized for remote locations. Thanks,
  4. Hi all, I've set up Configuration Manager 2012 in a lab environment and trying to get Remote Control to work. I have pretty much tried everything I can think of at this point but still can't work out why I cannot get Remote Control to connect correctly on any workstations. When launching Remote Control get this: I can connect via Remote Desktop and have configured the Viewers, Firewall rules, etc. The client is updated with the policies and shows that remote control is enabled in Software Center. On the Client, CmRcService.log shows this: ====== Starting service C
  5. I have a weird issue that I cannot track down. In our environment we keep getting complaints from helpdesk and users that their fonts change after they are remote controlled. Sometimes this happens after the helpdesk disconnects and other when they initially connect to the user via sccm remote control. Most clients are on dual dell 24 inch or single 19in monitors. Mostly with Nvidia nvs300 video cards, but this has also happened with new lenovo desktops using dual built in display ports via onboard ports. What happens after or during a remote control session is that the user states that th
  6. Hello I've found out that I have a problem using Remote Control. When I try to connect to managed domain-joined machine the connection hangs up at the "Connecting to the host session" step. After a while a message is logged to RC console "Viewer disconnected". Now the configuration: Win2k8r2 server - management server host SCCM2012 CU3 server RC console - works ok Win2k12r2 RC??? - management host SCCM2012 CU3 admin console only installation RC console - cannot connect to host Win7x64 SP1 - managed host (domain joined) SCCM2012 client running RC service s
  7. Hey! I'm new in SCCM and I'm trying the remote control function. is there any way that more than one user will remote control a computer? I haven't find any way to do it... We can do it with CA ITCM and we found it very useful while the Help-desk need some help from tire 2 engineers... What are you doing about this issue at your company? Thanks... Yirmi.
  8. SCCM 2012 CU1 - Client CU1 update. When I use "remote control" from SCCM 2012 console the dual monitors get squished to a single monitor on my end. (I have dual monitors as well). How do I enable remote control to take up both monitors I can't find this anywhere. My Machine is Windows 8 with SCCM 2012 Console and Client is XP Server is Server 2012 and same result. Link to Image http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/843/imgback.png/ Solved. Unfortunately this is by design.... pretty pathetic... addition from microsoft I think.
  9. Does anyone know if it is possible to remote control a PC based on the currently logged on user ?? We recently switched from a Novell based network to a Microsoft based network. In the old environment all windows machines were managed using the Zenworks client for Microsoft and cosoleone. I could open consoleone search the tree for a user and click remote control. This allowed us to remote control the selected user no matter what workstation they were logged into. Now in order to remote control with SCCM 2012 I have to know the machine name of the logged on users PC. Getting the user to find
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