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  1. I have solved that, I have done a common Backup of MDT database from the old SQL Server and then a restore to the new sql server.
  2. Hi I have install a MDT to a new server and I will transfer CSV files after I have Export from the old server. How will I do to do that ? I have three files, like :- Computers Roles Make and Model Please help :-) ---- S-O-K-O-B-A-N -----
  3. Hi I am running SCCM 1806 and I have ADR with Office 365 Software Updates. It is necessary to used language software updates in ADR when I have installed Office365 Proplus with English and Swedish as the language selection. ? Please assist Sokoban
  4. That's solution prevents Adobe to change, it's good. But I am looking for solution to set Adobe Reader as default. ; - ) .
  5. No, I have also tried with latest version of Adobe Reader 2019.008.20071, at the time of writing... any idea?
  6. Yes, with the command, Dism /Online /get-DefaultAppAssociations > c:\temp\defaultapps.xml GPO --> Group Policy: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > File Explorer. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/ie11-deploy-guide/set-the-default-browser-using-group-policy I have put the file in the SYSVOL / Scripts Any Idea ?
  7. I think you miss understanding, Adobe Reader is already installed and I want the Windows 10 1709 is set Adobe Reader DC as default as PDF reader … . ;-)
  8. Hi I am loooking for a solution to get Adobe Reader DC as Default, I running Windows 10 1709. I have find that and it dosen't works, https://4sysops.com/archives/default-file-associations-in-windows-10/ Please help Thanks in advance 😉 Sokoban
  9. ok, it's possible to pre-download the file from http://officecdn.microsoft.com and stream the file to the clients ? 😉
  10. Hi I want the SCCM pre-download the file for Office 365 Software updates and then install the updates file ,the client will not download from officecdn.microsoft.com How I Fix that ?
  11. Hi thanks for your answer, can you explain more about what you mean ? How will I do to go further with that ?
  12. I have set the GPO GPO (Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Microsoft office 2016 (Machine) > Updates > Target Version) to ""Updates working but the Winword won't install it automatic, waiting for install by the users, that I want to change ...How will I do the fix that ?
  13. Hi Thanks for your answer, It's not any errors in ruleengine.log file ... Do you have more inputs ? Sokoban
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