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  1. Disable the secure Boot, App-V 1703 – Known issue with App-V Sequencer | blog.hosebei.ch
  2. Hi It have nothing about SCCM to do. Orca is program you can use to see info about your msi file before you install it, saving lot a time https://www.technipages.com/download-orca-msi-editor // Sokoban
  3. Hi I have a MDT deploy for both Windows 10 and Windows 7, without SCCM I have also a deployment database there is all info about like, computername and MAC address etc.. The problem is then I trying to start a deploy with PXE boot , wont the deployment database start to do a collect to the client, the deployment running without info from Database and then the deployment is finish. The error message is about access denied or database is not exist. It have works before and SQL database is running .. How will I do to troubleshooting that ? Sokoban
  4. I have solved that, I have done a common Backup of MDT database from the old SQL Server and then a restore to the new sql server.
  5. Hi I have install a MDT to a new server and I will transfer CSV files after I have Export from the old server. How will I do to do that ? I have three files, like :- Computers Roles Make and Model Please help :-) ---- S-O-K-O-B-A-N -----
  6. Hi I am running SCCM 1806 and I have ADR with Office 365 Software Updates. It is necessary to used language software updates in ADR when I have installed Office365 Proplus with English and Swedish as the language selection. ? Please assist Sokoban
  7. That's solution prevents Adobe to change, it's good. But I am looking for solution to set Adobe Reader as default. ; - ) .
  8. No, I have also tried with latest version of Adobe Reader 2019.008.20071, at the time of writing... any idea?
  9. Yes, with the command, Dism /Online /get-DefaultAppAssociations > c:\temp\defaultapps.xml GPO --> Group Policy: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > File Explorer. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/ie11-deploy-guide/set-the-default-browser-using-group-policy I have put the file in the SYSVOL / Scripts Any Idea ?
  10. I think you miss understanding, Adobe Reader is already installed and I want the Windows 10 1709 is set Adobe Reader DC as default as PDF reader … . ;-)
  11. Hi I am loooking for a solution to get Adobe Reader DC as Default, I running Windows 10 1709. I have find that and it dosen't works, https://4sysops.com/archives/default-file-associations-in-windows-10/ Please help Thanks in advance 😉 Sokoban
  12. ok, it's possible to pre-download the file from http://officecdn.microsoft.com and stream the file to the clients ? 😉
  13. Hi I want the SCCM pre-download the file for Office 365 Software updates and then install the updates file ,the client will not download from officecdn.microsoft.com How I Fix that ?
  14. Hi thanks for your answer, can you explain more about what you mean ? How will I do to go further with that ?
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