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Peter van der Woude

How to create a Virtual Application Package in ConfigMgr 2007


Prerequisite: ConfigMgr 2007 SP1 R2 is installed and there is a Virtual Application created (for example with the App-V Sequencer).


In this article I will tell and show in a few steps how to create Virtual Application Packages in ConfigMgr 2007. Keep in mind that even when you have Virtual Application Packages in ConfigMgr you will still need the App-V Client to run the applications (for installing the App-V Client see: http://www.petervanderwoude.nl/post/How-to-install-the-App-V-Client-with-ConfigMgr-2007.aspx).


A Virtual Application Package is created in almost the same way as a normal Software Package, only the Wizard for creating a Virtual Application Package is a bit different. To add a Virtual Application Package to ConfigMgr follow the next steps:

1. Open the Configuration Manager Console en browse to System Center Configuration Manager/ Site Database/ Computer Management/ Software Distribution/ Packages

2. On the right in the Actions Panel click New > Virtual Application Package and the New Virtual Application Package Wizard will start.

3. On the Package Source page Browse to the location where the Virtual Application (.xml) is created and click Next. Keep in mind that you should use at least the App-V Sequencer 4.5 because previous versions are not compatible with ConfigMgr.



4. On the General page you have to fill in some information about the package. The checkbox with Remove this package from clients when it is not advertised is very important. Keep this selected if you want the package to be deleted when it is not longer advertised. Click Next.



5. On the Data Source page Browse to the location where the package has to be stored (the location where all the normal Software Packages are stored) and click Next.



6. On the Security page click Next.



7. On the Summary page click Next.



8. On the Confirmation page click Close.



The big difference with creating a normal Software Package is that the Wizard of creating a Virtual Application Package copies the package to the location of you packages. During this action ConfigMgr will adjust the OSD-file so it uses the right package information.


Creating a Distribution Point and an Advertisement for a Virtual Application Package works the same as for a normal Software Package. So I will not repeat those steps in this post.

Edited by Peter van der Woude
Added a link for installing the App-V Client

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These are great posts, thanks Peter, I really appreciate seeing others doing howtos and guides on windows-noob


thanks a million ! and keep up the great work :)

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