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DCM and HKLM\Software\Microsoft

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Nevermind; it really was a stupid mistake that cost me half a day.


For other that might find this post, it might be helpful to give them an idea as to what happens so that they don't do the same mistake as you.

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When dealing with configuration baselines and registry settings --


When you are creating an Execution Policy that looks at registry keys in HKLM\Software, make sure you tick the box for "This registry value is associated with a 64-bit application" if you don't want the rule to look in HKLM\Software\wow6432node.


I was setting a windows setting, which wasn't really associated with a 32bit or 64bit "application". I passed by this setting without really thinking about it. I ended up creating a really weird text string that I could search for and found it under the wow6432node key.


A lesson I won't forget!

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