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Can you Capture an image using PXE instead of Capture media?

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Hello, We have switched from using Symnatec Ghost for Capturing and Deploying images to using SCCM 2012. The procedure we would typically use for Ghost when we got a new machine is as follows:


(General Idea)

1. Load Windows

2. Load Drivers

3. Load Updates

4. Load Software

5. Create image by Pxe'ing to our ghost server and saving this image.

6. Use PXE in Ghost to deploy the image to all other same model computers.


Currently with SCCM i'm doing the same first 4 steps then:

5. Capture image using capture media saving OS

6. Deploy using PXE to SCCM Server.


Is there anyway to eliminate the need for the capture media and run it from a PXE?

I know there are other ways to do this i just haven't learned them yet.

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Thanks guys, As you can tell my my extremely prompt reply i haven't had much time to work on this. But when i do i will try what you have recommended, It would be so much easier than relying on a Flash Drive.

I think i installed MDT when i setup my first install of SCCM 2010, but when i upgraded and reconfigured either i didnt install MDT or i just haven't seen it (If its a standard option?) Ill investigate when can devote my attention back to imaging! Thanks again!

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