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  1. Heh, never mind, I answered my own question. The export and import buttons must have eluded me.... d'oh
  2. Is it possible to export custom client settings? Short of the long I've built a custom hardware and software inventory policy for my clients and would like to export my work for a peer review. I'd like to export a list of the hardware inventory classes I selected. I have screenshots, they're "OK" but I'd like a list I could use for review or import and exporting.
  3. Does anyone here have a favorite tool that could take a snapshot of my environment? I'm leaving my current employer and would like to export the environment I built for reference and notes. This was my 1st and although I have a lot of good notes I would love something that I can refer to quickly. Any help is appreciated. Fred
  4. OK, that makes a lot of sense. A lot depends on the clients reporting in, the validity of the info, and how long it takes the report server to make the change. I'll look into the canned report and try to work with that.Thank you again.
  5. Thank you for answering. I don't really care "how" the software was installed. If I go into the resource viewer of a specific client I am able to see changes on a day to day basis. I'm curious if I can "scrape" the info from one or more of the sql report tables and combine it into one report. Again, thank you for the help.
  6. Is it possible to create a report that would provide me with non-configmgr application installations that took place within a 24 hour period? I changed the hardware scanning to run every 24 hours and software to 14 days so I am able to view daily changes (Installed Applications, not software) per machine using the resource monitor. Is there a way to pull this data out of the table? Could there be a workaround or another way to get it?
  7. When the laptop finishes OSD what does the drive partition look like? Does the TS format the desktop drive before it fails? Open a cmd prompt and get into DISKPART. List the disks ("list disk") then list the volumes ("list vol"). How many disks and or volumes can you see?
  8. I wouldn't create the C drive using diskpart. I would however use diskpart to simply clean the drive. DISKPART select disk 0 clean exit.
  9. 1st and foremost you're absolutely welcome. 2nd, if all you need for the time being is an image in wim format than forget about combining ConfigMgr and MDT. You honestly don't need to combine them at this point. SCCM is your deployment and management tool. MDT is the imaging tool. Hell, you don't really need either of them to be honest. For now let's take a look at the logs and see why the TS is failing.
  10. Don't worry about being a rookie at this, everyone starts at zero, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If I understand correctly you need a single OEM install for your vendor, the vendor will only accept .wim format, and you have laptops and desktops. Laptops work via PXE but desktops don't. Do you have multiple models of laptops and desktops? Some may disagree but I believe MDT is better for building and capturing images. I know you have an SCCM environment built. You probably don't want to dig into another yet another program but MDT is better (and easier) than SCCM when it comes to imaging. SO depending on your time limitations and your sanity you could look into MDT. I'll help you muscle through this too. WAIK 8.1 isn't MDT but it's a necessary component for creating Win7 images as well as server 08 and up. You should already have it if you're imaging with Configuration Manager. WAIK comes with tools like DISM, WinPE, and ImageX. I was using these before I started using MDT or ConfigMgr, Short of the long if you want to stick with SCCM and not get involved with MDT right now because you have a deadline then I'll have to see your smsts log. Depending when the TS fails you can find it in one of the following 4 places: Before your hard drive is formatted and partitioned (Press F8) X:\windows\temp\smstslog\ After your hard drive is partitioned formatted (F8) X:\smstslog\ and then is in C:\_SMSTaskSequence\logs\smstslog\ Within Windows before the SCCM agent is installed: C:\_SMSTaskSequence\logs\smstslog\ Within Windows after the SCCM agent installed: C:\windows\system32\ccm\logs\smstslog\
  11. So I checked out the article and I have to tell you, excellent work! Thank you for pointing me to it. I'll be visiting you more often.
  12. Thanks for the link and reply. This is the query. select SMS_R_System.Name, SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS.Version, SMS_R_System.OperatingSystemNameandVersion, SMS_R_System.SMSUniqueIdentifier, SMS_R_System.ResourceId from SMS_R_System inner join SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS on SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS.ResourceID = SMS_R_System.ResourceId where SMS_R_System.Client = "1" and SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS.DisplayName like "Adobe Acrobat%" and SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS.Version < "11" order by SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS.Version DESC
  13. If it's a single model of a computer I would use the DISM tool from Windows ADK 8.1 to mount the image offline and add the drivers directly to the wim on the USB. Search for technet hh825070 for a full description. This would be the 1st thing I would try. If you want to stick to using SCCM alone then I'd need to look at the smsts log and how the task sequence is adding the drivers to the image.
  14. I'm looking for information or documentation on client to management point communications start to finish. What reports go where? Where's the inbox for the mp? In short I'm trying to troubleshoot some reporting problems I have. The largest one is different reports aren't showing the latest information. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong with my procedures so I'm open for suggestions. Example - I distributed Acrobat 11 to a collection 2 days ago. The deployment monitor shows successful and the client definitely has Acrobat 11. I look at Report Manager (Software 02D) and it reports it still has Acrobat 8. I check out Resource Explorer and it says Acrobat 8. I run a query that looks for versions of Acrobat less than or equal to 11 and it reports the client has Acrobat 11. I've forced the Hardware Inventory Cycle on the client. The client agent is set to report every 7 days so I guess I shouldn't expect it to show in the 02D report yet but why does my query produce the most recent information? This is one of a series of questions I'm hoping I can get answered here. Thanks ahead of time for even reading this.
  15. Have you used MDT? It's great for capturing an image then importing into ConfigMgr.
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