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Found 8 results

  1. Troubleshooting process for application, package, software updates. Explanation of troubleshooting with logs. How to do troubleshooting if you will get any error after deployment.
  2. Hello Folks, I am running into SCCM compliance issue. I have deployed one power shell script to 25 machines(pilot group), 24 machines are successfully installed(95%) and 1 machine got failure as per compliance status but Got error 16 and script got stopped when I check logs on 17 client machines. My question is why it is giving false positive information and how can resolve the issue?. FYI that poershell script collects the client hardware and software details. Appreciate your help in advance.
  3. Hey Everyone! Another day and another problem with SCCM! Currently I am experiencing Hash value mismatches with numerous packages, it is very intermittent...One day it will be the main OS .wim and the next it will be a driver package. After a lot of reading it has been suggested that re-validating or re-distributing the effected files to the DP fixes the issue after a couple of hours, this has worked once or twice but isn't a permanent solution and sometimes it doesn't work which is a massive waste of production when you have to wait 2 hours before you find out. One powershell command seems to help gwmi -Namespace root\SMS\site_XXX -class SMS_package -filter {PackageID = ""}|Remove-Wmiobject - If this ran for the effected package and then a redistribution of the package it can sometimes fix it, but once again not 100% of the time. Was curious to know if anyone has any information to why this would just start happening all of a sudden and if there are any known fixes? Our environment is fairly simply, Primary site server with two DPs and an MP. DownloadContentAndVerifyHash() failed. 80091007. Thanks. GHaM
  4. I'm looking for information or documentation on client to management point communications start to finish. What reports go where? Where's the inbox for the mp? In short I'm trying to troubleshoot some reporting problems I have. The largest one is different reports aren't showing the latest information. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong with my procedures so I'm open for suggestions. Example - I distributed Acrobat 11 to a collection 2 days ago. The deployment monitor shows successful and the client definitely has Acrobat 11. I look at Report Manager (Software 02D) and it reports it still has Acrobat 8. I check out Resource Explorer and it says Acrobat 8. I run a query that looks for versions of Acrobat less than or equal to 11 and it reports the client has Acrobat 11. I've forced the Hardware Inventory Cycle on the client. The client agent is set to report every 7 days so I guess I shouldn't expect it to show in the 02D report yet but why does my query produce the most recent information? This is one of a series of questions I'm hoping I can get answered here. Thanks ahead of time for even reading this.
  5. NOTE: These are not System Center Operations Manager dashboards. The SQL Server 2012 Performance Dashboard Reports are Reporting Services report files designed to be used with the Custom Reports feature of SQL Server Management Studio. Tuning System Center Operations Manager almost always centers around the performance of SQL. These reports provide valuable insight into the performance and health of the OperationsManager and OperationsManagerDW databases. Common performance problems the dashboard reports may help to resolve: CPU bottlenecks (and what queries are consuming the most CPU) IO bottlenecks (and what queries are performing the most IO) Index recommendations generated by the query optimizer (missing indexes) Blocking Latch contention Download Now Figure 1: Summary Figure 2: IO Statistics Connect with Mobieus Solutions: Sign Up Now: Infinity Connected™ Full Feature 30 Day Trial Read our Blog: http://blog.mobieus.com Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MobieusLLC Visit the Support Center: Infinity Connected™ Support Center Let's Talk Shop: 1-800-691-6774 / support@mobieus.com
  6. REPOST: We've recently had a few calls from customers regarding their on-premise Operations Manager 2012 Web Console - it works fine except they can't access any performance graphs. They receive a generic looking red x in the upper left corner. The resolution posted at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh298606.aspx did the trick. The following steps resolved the issue: Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files\System Center 2012\Operations Manager\WebConsole\MonitoringView Right-click the TempImages folder and select Properties Select the Security tab and click Advanced Click Change Permissions. Select Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent. In the Permissions entries box, select the entry for SYSTEM and click Remove. In the Permissions entries box, select the entry for Administrators and click Remove. Click OK for each open dialog box. An IISReset for good measure and you are all set. Connect with Mobieus Solutions: Sign Up Now: Infinity Connected™ Full Feature 30 Day Trial Read our Blog: http://blog.mobieus.com Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MobieusLLC Visit the Support Center: Infinity Connected™ Support Center Let's Talk Shop: 1-800-691-6774 / support@mobieus.com
  7. I recently upgraded to SCCM 2012 SP1 CU2 per the guidelines on here and somehow managed to goof up my client deployment from my primary site. All my secondary sites are deploying correctly but within the ccmsetup logs i'm getting a "Client version '5.00.7804.1000' is not compatible with the site 'SRL' version '5.00.7782.1000'. Fail the installation. ccmsetup 8/29/2013 3:42:16 PM 4276 (0x10B4)". I can only assume it's because earlier in the log I see "Retrieved 2 MP records from AD for site 'SRL'" with it defaulting to the oldest version of 5.00.7782.1000 for SiteCode: SRL. It does see the updated version at 5.00.7804.1000 on the "second MP" it finds in AD but they are both the same server, same name. The only difference between the two MP names is the domain name is capitalized in the new one, the old one is not. Does this make sense? All component status's are green and all secondary sites seem to be working. The IP address boundaries have been added to the boundary group managed by this server. I can't seem to make it clear out the old version from AD after removing the management point role and distribution role and reconfiguring everything back as it should be. Any ideas? All help will be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hi, I decided to share some dependencies of certain sccm roles, and their related services with all, which might have caused headaches for some. Please add basic troubleshooting steps for common issues if you find some. If wsus does not start up, please ensure the following: Is your sql server service running?(This is only if your WSUS database is hosted on the sccm sql database) If you have difficulties accessing the sccm management console, restart the MSSQL service in services.msc If pxe boot does not work properly, restart the wds role. If wds does not start up, restart the "Server" service, and retry. Note to always set your WDS service to "Delayed start", as to give time for your depaendant services to start up first. As a rule of thumb, when communication issues are experienced, it should be the first step to restart the mssql service. If boot images, etc are inaccessible, ensure that WAIK is installed. When you experience update issues, after a windows update has come through, remember that sometimes hotfixes are available for the WSUS server instance to restore communication.
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