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  1. Ahhhhhh Good thinking!! Let me investigate. Thanks Garth.
  2. Hello everyone I hope you are well.... I need some help on an issue that has been plaguing me! In my device list I see some devices that do not have a client installed. So I'm going through trying to figure out why, and I started to notice something odd. A few of these devices have mixed up information. For example, in my device list I have a device named LAP0677 and the "Currently logged in user" is oxl.user (Who has never logged onto this computer before). When I examine the properties of this device I see it's "Distinguished Name" is actually DSK2018 (The correct computer for the oxl.user) and the last logged on user is actually Jane Doe (Who is actually the correct user for LAP0677). So it has the computer names and the logged in users mixed up.... Confusing I know. Now here is a really funny thing I noticed..... If I right click on the LAP0677 in the device list and choose refresh, the user name will actually change to random user names. Eventually it will come to the correct user, but if i refresh the whole list again, it changes again. It's very odd and i just need to know where to start to trouble shoot this issue?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Thanks guys, As you can tell my my extremely prompt reply i haven't had much time to work on this. But when i do i will try what you have recommended, It would be so much easier than relying on a Flash Drive. I think i installed MDT when i setup my first install of SCCM 2010, but when i upgraded and reconfigured either i didnt install MDT or i just haven't seen it (If its a standard option?) Ill investigate when can devote my attention back to imaging! Thanks again!
  4. Hello, we recently sold a division of our company and i have about 100 or so devices that i need to remove from SCCM. Can i remove them by removing the boundary? Or is there a quick way to remove all the devices associated to that Boundary? The boundary is an AD Site. EDIT: I think i answered my own question, But can someone verify that this is a proper procedure? Im going to go into devices, align them by Active Directory Site, and delete any associated to that site, Then I will proceed to remove the boundary as well. Does that sound right? Thanks for any help!
  5. Hello, We have switched from using Symnatec Ghost for Capturing and Deploying images to using SCCM 2012. The procedure we would typically use for Ghost when we got a new machine is as follows: (General Idea) 1. Load Windows 2. Load Drivers 3. Load Updates 4. Load Software 5. Create image by Pxe'ing to our ghost server and saving this image. 6. Use PXE in Ghost to deploy the image to all other same model computers. Currently with SCCM i'm doing the same first 4 steps then: 5. Capture image using capture media saving OS 6. Deploy using PXE to SCCM Server. Is there anyway to eliminate the need for the capture media and run it from a PXE? I know there are other ways to do this i just haven't learned them yet.
  6. Hello Everyone, I have a user who just started using Office 2013, Previously he was using 2010 and able to check, and send/receive outlook email from home without using VPN. Now this has stopped. He must connect to VPN to access anything in outlook. Is there a setting in Auto discover that needs to be changed to allow 2013? Running: Server 2008 R2 Exchange 2010 Windows 7 sp1 Office 2013
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