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Hi All,


I have what seems to be a slight issue, perhaps someone can think of a creative solution, as so far I cannot see a way past the issue.


So here we go:


I have implemented OSD, it works fine for all hardware in our environment.

Laptops (with dedicated NIC)

Desktops (with dedicated NIC)


The Task sequence is advertised to unknown computers.


The question relates to tablets.


I can build all flavours of tablets the company wishes supported, however....


The support engineers have limited docking stations for the surface pro3's and other tablets, and the company dont want to purchase a dock with each device.

I have suggested at least a usb to ethernet adapter for each device which was also frowned upon...

The initial build of a single unit works fine, however the MAC for the Docking station is then associated with the device just build.

If i come along with another surface pro 3 for example and put it in the same dock to build - it is no longer unknown to sccm (MAC address i guess) and does not pxe to build.

(unless i delete the previously built device from sccm which has the docks MAC associated...)


Am i being dumb here?

I was thinking about deploying the TS to a collection and importing, but this will not solve the mac issue.


Any able to help me think clearer or suggest anything !!

I will keep thinking and googling !!!




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