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Deploy Windows 7

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Step 1. Create a new Task Sequence


We will now create a new Task Sequence to deploy the captured WIM file from part 1.


In ConfigMgr, expand Operating System Deployment and right click on Task Sequences, choose New Task Sequence


new task sequence.jpg


Choose the first option, Install an existing image package


install existing image.jpg


fill in your Task Sequence information and browse to the X64 boot.wim file


task sequence information.jpg


when the Install Windows screen appears click on browse


install windows.jpg


and select our recently added operating system image


select an operating system image.jpg


for the Image drop down menu select 1-1 and don't forget to enter your product key and administrator password option


admin password.jpg


Add your Domain Join info




select your configmgr client from definition package (make sure this package is made AFTER you install SCCM SP2)




choose whether you want to capture users data or not *USMT* using your USMT4 package Note: you will have to create the USMT 4 package separatly, if you have not created the USMT4 package you can deselect all three options on this screen.




as I am not using a SUP on this lab, I will not be installing any updates...


dont install any software updates.jpg


click next at the install software (we won't install any software packages now)


and close at the confirmation screen




Next Step > Advertise the Task Sequence to a Deploy Windows 7 collection

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Hi. Thanks for the this assistance, I always refer your blog for sccm,


I have a small query,


in configure state migration, you mention that "choose whether you want to capture users data or not *USMT*"


can you tell what do you mean users data, with an example.

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