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No SCCMContentLib folder on site server, is-is possible ?

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We are installing a new SCCM 2012 R2 infra.

The hope is to have one SCCM server Site containing the SQL and all rôles except DP one.

We plan to install DP on other server, this to optimize disk space and performance on the site server. This also to optimize DRP and backups/restore (time, space, ...).


So i have create the NO_SMS_ON_DRIVE.SMS on all Site server drives.

The problem now is that logs indicates that there are no location to create the SCCMContentLib folder.

If i delete the NO_SMS_ON_DRIVE.SMS from one Drive, everything is ok.


So, there is a dilem for us as we don't wants to allocate large disk for this SCCMContentLib folder on the site server.

But it's seems that this folder is needed on the site server and is used to copy the content to DP.


Is there a way to avaoid this SCCMContentLib on the site server ?



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I ran into the same problem / question on our SCCM 2012 R2 site.


It's my understanding that you need this folder on your primary because that's where the content generated to and copied from. Even though the clients won't download content from it, the folder is still required on the primary for your remote DP's to work.


This previous post confirms it: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11234-sccmcontentlib-on-primary-server/


Hope it helps (even though it's not what you want to hear) :)




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Grrr ... Ok, i have the right answer...

Microsoft is so strange ....

No always on compatibility, SCCMContentlib always duplicate, .... SCCM is a good product but very expensive and not really high availability oriented

Thanks Tom

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