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Log File Monitoring: all improved and still FREE

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Since the successful release of the free NiCE Log File MP (for log file monitoring) last year, the NiCE team has received a tremendous amount of feedback from the users of the solution. In addition to all the positive feedback on the management pack's functionality, we received some requests/suggestions on additional product functionalities.


After consolidating all the feedback, we are pleased to announce the ALL IMPROVED NiCE Log file MP - version 1.30. Best of all - it's still 100% FREE!

What’s new (based on community feedback):

  • Improved SCOM Authoring Console Wizards
  • Improved Cluster Support
  • Enhanced Self-Monitoring
  • Performance and stability improvements

The above improvements are in addition to all the other features and functionalities that the NiCE Log file MP has.

Features & Functionalities of the NiCE Log File MP

  • Equipped with a set of custom authoring wizards so you can create
    • Alert Rules
    • Performance Counters
    • Unit Monitors
  • Allows you to filter log entries using regular expression language
  • Includes a powerful program execution interface to run scripts and programs
  • Correlate your log lines
  • Allows you to define log file names as absolute paths
  • Customize behavior if log file does not exist
  • Set the log file directory using a regex pattern with no restriction

Still not sure that this FREE solution will be useful to you? Check out some feedback from current users of the NiCE Log File Management Pack.


Some NiCE Log File MP user feedback:



“I am very happy with the Log File Management Pack. This is a great add-on for SCOM”



“We have implemented NiCE Log File MP in our production environment and it works great. This solution is really useful for us”


Czech Republic

“The management pack is very helpful for us, as we are able to monitor some logs for specific entries without writing complicated scripts. Thanks for releasing it!”



“Everything is working as designed. Was easy to set up and is working as expected”



“I would like to say that I'm REALLY pleased with the NiCE Log File MP. It works great!”



“das Log File MP deckt unsere Anforderungen ab (The Log File MP covers our needs)”


Ready to download the upgraded NiCE Log File MP?


Email: solutions@nice.de for more information.


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