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4 Million Detections on 0.5 Million Machines

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A little over two weeks ago, Microsoft released Microsoft Security Essentials, a security software suite protecting users of Windows against malware and viruses. The company has released data about the number of downloads and fixed infections, and the results are encouraging.


In the first week of MSE's availability (September 29 to October 6), the program was downloaded 1.5 million times (after week two, 2.6 million times). In its first week, MSE made almost four million detections on a total of 535752 unique machines, so it seems like it is doing its job.


Over half of the detections were made on Windows XP machines, and just under a third were made on Vista machines. The remainder detections were probably on Windows 7 machines. Another interesting tidbit: the most popular Windows version among MSE downloaders is Windows 7, and one third of these Windows 7 installation is 64bit. The 64bit version of Windows (since XP) has additional security measures such as Kernel Patch Protection.


more > http://www.osnews.com/story/22359/MSE_s_First_Week_4_Million_Detections_on_0_5_Million_Machines

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