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Interactive software uninstall

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Hi all,


I have to uninstall a software on all our computers (2000+) but the uninstall has to be interactive.

The reason for this is because after that particular software is removed many programs stop working (Citrix applications, IE, Google Chrome, etc...)

If I deploy the uninstall script silently the software is removed but users will start calling our helpdesk because all these programs will stop working.



I have created a HTA file and a VBS script with information presented to user.

User can choose to postpone the uninstall 5x or to uninstall immediately.

If postponed 5 times the uninstall is forced.


The HTA file + script work flawlessly if ran manually and user is local administrator.


I was planning to deploy a scheduled task with SCCM that will run the HTA file at logon with the SYSTEM account because non of our users is local admin.

Problem is that when running something with the SYSTEM account it is not presented on the desktop.

The process is running but it is not interactive. You don't see it.


Is there any way to acomplish this?


Thank you

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