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Hi Guys.

Basicly I have Office 365 users. that are currently on Office 2013, and I want them to go to Office 2016
(Made Click to Run XML solutions for both)

Due to problems with specific plugins I can't just update my users. I need to
1: strip the plugins first.
2: Uninstall Office 2013
3: Install Office 2016,
4: and then add plugins.

I wanted to do this in a task sequence, and thought I could just use the uninstall strings from the apps, but so far I only got one of them working.

(Let me be clear, that every single application, both install/uninstall Works on their own. but this all crashes to the ground when I try to add it into a task sequence)

SO I added two files
1: Screendump of Task Sequence
2: The SMST log
Hope someone can help me.

I never tried something like this, maybe I'm doing it all wrong, maybe I should do it powershell ? Need guidance

Failed Task Sequence:post-21307-0-87915900-1457382355.jpg



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Unsure if this would make any difference, but I've got my office uninstalls to run with /config - rather than /configure


I'd also be inclined to turn that installation into a package, and then run the command line in the package inside that task sequence, rather that directly from a share. if carrying on with same method, try adding the full path before the uninstall.xml line.



"\\spsccm01\source$\Applications\Office 2013\setup.exe" /config "\\spsccm01\source$\Applications\Office 2013\uninstall.xml"


with the Exformatics - try adding /quiet instead of /q


I know it sounds stupid, but that worked for me once with a task sequence on a specific installer, it complained of /q rather than /quiet :|

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Full path I vote for also and sinc eyou got space between Office and 2013 I would use quotations ""

For /q why not /qn instead and also add a /log %temp%\mylog.log so you see that it works as wanted.


Wait to uninstall? not sure that is needed since it wont go to next task sequence before the previous is finished.


If both are click to run you normally don't have to uninstall previous office unless you got different architecture, I just run install and it upgrade 2013 to 2016

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I got the exformatics to Work .. I removed all the (Waits) and instead I added a cmdline that forceshuts Office 2013 at the start.
now that plugin uninstalls perfectly.


I also got the office 2013 to uninstall by writing:
"\\spsccm01\source$......\setup.exe" /configure "\\spsccm.......\uninstall.XML"

So full path and each path in its own quotation


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