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  1. I'd suggest creating a whole new DB, let it sync over the weekend and get brand new content. sorry, meant your last screenshot!
  2. Your client settings aren't in correct priority order or deploy to the correct collections in that case. Easy way to tell this - find a failing machine, right click it in the console and select resultant client settings. This'll give you a hint as to which set it's applying. 20 sets of client settings sounds somewhat excessive
  3. Looking at the errors, the system's having trouble accessing the HDD - have you configured your partitions correctly? Would suggest hitting F8 once it errors out, type in diskpart, list disk - and see if you've got any available drives.
  4. btw, your wsus server name isn't censored on 3rd screenshot
  5. Not a useful reply, but just an FYI - i was on the same boat for months. My SUP and WSUS was hosted on the same site as my primary being destroyed by CPU, thought it was the IIS app pools, but was not. I ended up moving it to its own standalone server and installed the SUP on that as a brand new install on a new DB.Runs so much smoother since i've done that.I inherited the WSUS environment by somebody else who hadn't kept it indexed or run regular maintenance on it. it was at least 3 years old and had ran itself into the ground. Also running on 1702
  6. I feel your pain. 1.5 - 3mbps is not a realistic internet speed in this day and age. I've had battles in getting sites upgraded, and it eventually got to the point where it was either they upgrade the network, or none of the clients get patched.
  7. Yep, it took me forever to get it working. I created a .bat with the following, and running inside of a task sequence "setup.exe -silent -waitforcompletion -noconsole -force -nowait -responseFile "%~dp0client.rsp"
  8. Can you explain what you're trying to do? question is a bit vague
  9. Your smsts.log from the affected machine would help in troubleshooting. At what point exactly in your TS is it failing? if it's early on, could be a driver missing from the WinPE image
  10. Check your wsync.log on your primary site server, that'll be the first step.
  11. Either your boundaries are not configured correctly, or the content isn't available on the local site server and fallback has been enabled on your other server, hence it going across the wan
  12. Hi all, I'm going insane trying to resolve this. I keep getting the 'Specify User Credentials' as soon as the Gather step runs in the task sequence. In my customsettings.ini i've specified the correct UserID, UserPassword and UserDomain variables. I can even type them in to the box as they are, and it the continues through the whole TS without problems. Updated all boot images, deployment shares, the lot. my bootstrap.ini has the information in too, and i've verified that the client is downloading the right customsettings.ini package by finding it in command prompt in WinPE, all looks ok. Any idea's where i'm going wrong here? even after endless googling and trying all suggestions i'm still stuck :|
  13. Can you verify what version of ConfigMgr you have installed? you mention R1 but i'm not sure what version that's referring to Before you can manage and deploy Windows 10 in your organisation, you need to update your ConfigMgr infrastructure. You'll want at least SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 or SCCM 2012 SP2 to manage Windows 10. You'll need to apply R2 SP1 Cumulative update, and update your WinPE Images to the Windows 10 ADK. Highly suggest installing Current Branch for SCCM - version 1606 if you're going to be managing and deploying windows 10 so you can deploy servicing plans and manage win updates.
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