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Most Deployed Clients Install But Fail to Register With MP

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Hey Guys / Niall -

I wanted to make this post as even though still researching, it hasn't been going that well... :(

I recently installed SCCM 2012 R2 (which I updated to SP1 CU3) in an environment which recently had SCCM 1511 installed and no longer used and I hear SCCM 2007 in the past. When deploying clients from the console, only about 30% of them are responding as actually being installed. When I look at logs, I see that the client installs correctly on all, but Location Services shows the below errors:


After research, I tried sending "ccmsetup RESETKEYINFORMATION=TRUE" to a couple of the systems, but no change. I also looked in AD and the schema is extended and the System Management container contains records for the Primary and both Secondaries. Instead of the default of SMSSITECODE in the the Client Installation properties, I tried adding SMSMP and DNSSUFFIX but client it seems to not have helped.

We are running an HTTP site - not HTTPS so don't know how or why certs would be affected, but perhaps one was run once in the past.

One more note, prior to client deployment, I found out about 3,000 of the 13,000 systems already had a previous version of some type of client installed (they were running ccmexec.exe.) Therefore, using the legacy deployment system had them deploy ccmclean on each of them. I do not know if the clients which are affected are ones that previously had a version of the client installed or not.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate them - Thanks!


I just saw at the top of that log that it's "Assigning to site" of the old 1511 site code and finds a DNS record for the old 1511 Primary server. Could this just be due to DNS? Before installing, the Systems management container was empty. I just looked again and it still contains not reference to the old site. How is this happening and (besides the DNS entry) what do I need to delete?


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Hey Guys -


I guess no one's been able to assist so far, but I'm still having the issue. After working on it throughout the day, I wanted to submit new information I've discovered in hopes of getting assistance....


  • Currently, when deploying the client from the console; ~100% of the systems install the client but about 50% of them assign the correct site / site code
  • I found a ChangeSiteCode VB script which I edited with our site, copied to a few systems which had the client but didn't correctly assign, and ran it with psexec. 100% of the time, it worked and the systems started working correctly
  • Strangely, whenever I execute the script described above, the system removes itself from the collection it was a member of. The collection has no queries - only direct rules. Not issue, but perhaps a clue
  • Via ADSI, I connected to and verified that our schema is extended and that all values are present. None are specific to a site, seemingly
  • The old primary still exists but is off the network. Previously, I had disabled options for publishing to AD. I reconnected it's NIC today, removed all boundaries and boundary groups, then uninstalled secondary sites before taking it back offline again about an hour later
  • I've tried a couple of different things, but currently the parameters I'm using for client installation in the console are "SMSSITECODE=NEW SMSMP:NEWPRIMARY.corporate.abc.com DNSSUFFIX:corporate.abc.com SMSSLP:NEWPRIMARY.corporate.abc.com
  • Fixed-LocationServices.log This log file is from a system which installed the client, then tried to connect to the old site. At 2:51:03pm, I ran the change site VB script which assigned it to the correct site. I changed the hostnames to "OLDPRIMARY" and "NEWPRIMARY" plus the old site code is "OLD" and new site code is "NEW" so you can easily distinguish between the them.
That's most if not all of it. In a rush to resolve as I only have installed 40 out of 13,000+ clients.
Any suggestions as to why it's trying to go to the old site are more than welcome. Thanks!!!!

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Sounds like the environment has been in a bit of a mess with different versions and site codes installed everywhere.


When 1511 was installed, was this setup as a new site, and new site code, as opposed to upgrading an existing environment? Is it this environment site code that it's attempting to connect to first off when installing clients?


Difficult to tell where it's going wrong without being able to look into several other things on your setup, but if this was me... i'd uninstall all primary sites you've got, get shot of any records published, and start again with the SCCM version that you want going forward on a clean install. Obviously it depends on how setup your ConfigMgr is as to whether or not you can do that, but it sounds like you've still got records of that old site in AD and your clients are taking preference to that.

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