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Deploying Large Application "Cache Size is Full"


hey guys


What would be the best way to achieve deploying a very large application and emptying the cache before it installs?


I have tried a few different things but none have worked for me


1. Tried putting the application in a task sequence with package script to clear the ccm cache. This sounded great in theory but it proved to be very unreliable in finishing the application installation

2. Created an application to install with a depandancy application to clear the cache with the same script. When it attempts to install. It must be looking at the cache size first as a whole before even attempting to download and install. As I am still getting "cache size is to full errors"

3. I have also tried changing the deployment option under " Set deployment option when client is on slow or unreliable network " to do not download but this has not worked either

is this the correct setting for getting the application to install directly from the DP instead of using the clients cache?

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Hi, probably not a direct answer but when confronted with the same scenario instead of using the application model I use the old package system, and specify for the deployment to run the program from the Distribution Point, so that won't use the cache at all. (the application model will download in the cache, there is no options to avoid that)

I've also considered increasing the cache size with the right click tools from now micro on the targeted collection ( you can also clear the cache)

hope that helps, good luck

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I would suggest to create configuration baseline to clean the ccmcache either fully or if size is less than x my, something like that and schedule to run the job weekly once or monthly once depends on the needs. Read the blog post for complete solution http://eskonr.com/2016/08/sccm-configmgr-how-to-clean-ccmcache-content-older-than-x-days-using-compliance-settings/





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