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Hi Guys,


I am currently trying to run an in-place refresh on a particular machine, and it's failing on the "Applying Operating System" section of the Task Sequence. I've posted another thread, but that's completely different issue with a different computer, so don't get confused if you see my two posts.


In this case, I have a computer that will PXE boot perfectly and install an OS that I have deployed through a Task Sequence. That all works well. The issue I have is when I want to run the in-place refresh Task Sequence which essentially loads the same TS as the completely SOE install, but the difference is that this one uses USMT as well. The settings (with the exception of the USMT sections of the Task Sequence) are exactly the same as the TS that works fine, but for some reason, when it gets to Applying OS, it fails with 80070002. I've had a look at the logs by pressing F8 during the deployment and I've checked out the smsts.log file, and it's showing the WinSendHTTP error message.


It looks like the error message translates to something like it's not able to reesolve the server name. I've run an IPCONFIG on the machine, and I'm getting a 169 address, so that would most likely explain that part. The issue is that I don't understand why it would be getting a 169 address. The drivers are the same, the boot image is the same, the WIM that it's installing is the same. Literally the only diffference is that it captures the user state etc, and that this one starts from the Software Center, rather than a PXE boot. Everything else is exactly the same, but for some reason this fails on this particular machine.


Any ideas?

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sounds like network driver issues can you attach the smsts.log ?

Yeah well I thought the same thing. But what I don't understand is that it's the same image, same driver packages etc as my OSD fresh install which works perfectly on that machine. So the difference is that this uses USMT too, and starts from within the Windows OS, rather than PXE booting.


See attached SMSTS.log from the failed OS refresh.


I should also add that I can run this exact Task Sequence on a different machine, and it works fine. Initially that would make me think drivers, but not too sure considering it works if I PXE boot. Just doesn't work when I run it from within Windows.


Works on Dell Optiplex 9020 AIO, doesn't work on Dell optiplex 9020 M. Attached logs are from the 9020M that's failing.


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