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Sccm 2012 - Assistance with software uninstall

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There is an older application (Fishbowl 2013) running on over 100 machines. It was manually installed. We just recently moved to SCCM. It was an EXE install and there is NO uninstall value in the registry to reference.


The uninstall uses "uninstall.exe", located in the "program files (x86)\Fishbowl" folder. There are no flags that will allow me to provide input to the uninstaller. I am able to do a removal on the local machine without incident. The vendor was of no help.


What I want to do is use SCCM to uninstall this application so that we don't have to touch over 100 machines. I've tried creating a 'package' and an 'application', with a CMD file containing the full path to the uninstall command, but it doesn't work in either scenario. I don't want to 'install', the uninstaller, which is what both options want to do. I simply want to run the uninstaller 'hidden', so users get no prompts and so it completes automatically. I am not a powershell coder. I find it cryptic and confusing and am not able grasp it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I appreciate the feedback so far.


The installer and the uninstaller are VERY POORLY WRITTEN. There are no unattended or silent flags to use for the removal. Also, I already looked at the link in this thread and ran it. The application does not show up when I run the powershell commands. LOTS of Microsoft software shows up though. It is not an MSI install. It is an EXE install. There is no uninstall key. I've attached a screen shot of the uninstall options.


The "console mode" in the screen shot simply opens a GUI uninstall.



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